Cybercrimes targeting Women and Girls – Part 2

This article talks about two most common cybercrimes against women and girls, which are Voyeurism and Revenge porn. It explains how it is carried out, how one can protect themselves from such cybercrimes and finally what are the legal and other remedies for the victims of such cybercrime.
Juice Jacking

Juice Jacking – Mobile charging at public places may turn out to be costly. Beware!

This article talks about a new type of cyber crime called Juice Jacking, it briefly explains what it is, how it is carried out, how one can prevent oneself of such cybercrime and what legal and other remedies victim has.

Hope !! – Cyber crime victims can find real happy ending to their situation

In this article, I try to give hope to cybercrime victims that can also have a happy ending to their incident if they follow suggestions and act without wasting time with some luck going their way with the help of four real life incidents.