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Beware of Election related cyber scams


Harris received a WhatsApp message from his friend on their school WhatsApp group, claiming that “BJP Free Recharge Yojana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving 3 months free recharge to all Indian users so that more and more people can vote for BJP in the 2024 elections. Now click on the link given below and get 3 months*Free Recharge*(Last Date – 15 OCTOBER 2024)”. Harris believed it and clicked on the link, his phone got hacked and one of the first things he noticed was that above message was sent to all his contacts and groups in his WhatsApp.

National Election season has started, and like the above cyber scam many other election related scams are making lots of news nowadays.  Some of the other prominent cyber frauds in news include :

BBC had to issue a clarification that it had not commissioned any pre-poll survey in Karnataka last month. Election commission has developed a cVigil App to allow public to report any of the above issues. 

To protect yourself from such Election related frauds :-

If you are a victim of such Election related fraud :-

Immediately call 1930 cyber helpline or file a complaint at website or nearby police station. Report and lodge a complaint with the Election Commission and the respective social media website about the fraud. Raise a debit freeze on the amount transferred by you with the help of police. If you think your device is infected with a malware, format it or factory reset after taking backup.

Legal remedies available to the victim :-

You can register a criminal case at your nearest cyber or regular police station, under the following legal sections or the Act as per sections prescribed by the police based on your case :

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