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Beware of new HSRP number plate cyber frauds


Ravi, aged 63 yrs had a Honda car and a Honda Active two wheeler brought before 2019, He got a message on his phone that he needs to get his vehicles number plate changed to new HSRP number plate before February 17th to avoid a fine of up to 1000 rupees, to apply for new number plate click the below link. He clicked that link, there he entered the details related to both his vehicles, and paid 1400 rupees for new number plate, and he also opted for speedy delivery by paying another 1000 rupees. Later he came to know that the website he entered was fake and he lost the money he had paid.

Cyber criminals are using the rush to get their vehicle’s number plate changed to HSRP number plate before the deadline set by the government as a opportunity to loot them by sending them fraudulent fake websites resembling the genuine websites permitted for registration. Since the permitted websites have become very slow or timing out due to high demand, people are falling victims in search for alternate websites where they can register for getting new HSRP number plate before the deadline to avoid fines.

According to the Karnataka government notification, all vehicle owners are advised to book their HSRP only through or As per recent statement by Karnataka Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy to a news channel, there may be an extension to this deadline. HSRP or High Security Registration Plate is a new form of number plate that is tamper proof and non reusable locks making it more secure, traceable and brings in uniformity.

How you can protect yourself from HSRP frauds :-

If you are a victim of such fraud :-

Immediately call 1930 cyber helpline or file a complaint at website or nearby police station. If you have shared Aadhaar card copy, then block your Aadhaar card on Aadhaar website or mAadhaar App. If you think your device is infected with a malware, format it or factory reset after taking backup.

Legal remedies available to the victim :-

You can register a criminal case at your nearest cyber or regular police station, under the following legal sections or the Act as per sections prescribed by the police based on your case :

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