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Aadhaar Frauds : One Aadhaar – Many Frauds !!! How much do you know??

aadhaar frauds

After my last Aadhaar-PAN link frauds article, many readers wanted me to write in detail about Aadhaar and PAN frauds, so this week I will cover cybercrimes using Aadhaar and next week will discuss about PAN Frauds.
As you all know, every citizen of India need to have a Aadhaar card as it is an important identity card and is the basis for everyone from small children to the elderly to avail any of the benefits of government schemes and for doing any business.
While the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has taken many steps to secure Aadhaar, cyber criminals have capitalized on the irresponsibility, laziness, apathy and ignorance of people and organizations using the Aadhaar for verification as a medium to commit many cyber crimes.

How the Aadhaar frauds are carried out :-

Cybercriminal obtains a photo or scan or xerox copy of your Aadhaar card or your fingerprints from you for government scheme benefit, hotel room, job, bank account or loan sanction or your name, age and address verification for KYC. Use that copy to commit the following scams:

How to protect yourself from such Aadhaar frauds :-

If you are a victim of Aadhaar card fraud :-

Immediately call 1930 cyber helpline or file a complaint at Lock your Aadhaar card at and file a complaint there. File a complaint against the government or other organizations that have allowed the fraud without proper verification and take legal action against them.

Legal remedies available to the victim :-

One can register a criminal case in cyber police station under

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